Golf Evop

Golf Evop

A child under five years of age was admitted to a hospital in Tlalnepantla, due to a series of burns and blows that he presented in several areas of his body caused by a brutal beating of which so far, his stepfather is indicated as presumed responsible.

The little boy has been identified as Owen and his case has begun to receive great attention as a result of the filtering of shocking images of his injured body. The photographs were taken once he was admitted to the hospital.

Rumors indicate that it would be the stepfather of the child responsible for the terrible act, however, so far the authorities have maintained secrecy on the issue.

During the day several Twitter users used the ‘hashtag’ #RescatemosAOwen to show their outrage over the case of this little one, in addition, the governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila, expressed his position regarding what happened to the infant and ensures that authorities have already taken action on the matter.

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