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Golf Evop

In winter, many of us literally fall into “hibernation” and do not pay due attention to their appearance, and in vain – to meet the spring fully armed, you need to start right now! Moreover, it is desirable to carry out some cosmetic procedures in winter — do not miss your chance.

In order to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins, it is better for the wintertime – in fact, after sclerotherapy, during which a damaged vessel, introduce a product, gluing the wall, the diseased vein is blocked and eventually disappears, you will wear a compressive garment that maybe not too comfortable during the warm season.

Photorejuvenation is a skin of the face powerful light flashes which influenced the signs of aging to disappear in the skin begins to produce collagen and elastin, melanin and age spots are destroyed, the capillaries and spider veins become less visible, reduced skin turgor, narrow pores. Frosty winter air promotes vasoconstriction, which means that the skin will recover faster and the result of the procedure will appear much earlier. In addition, this procedure should be carried out on unburned skin, and in the summer it is almost impossible.

The first place of our top of the best winter procedures rightfully belongs to peels-few procedures are able to compete with them inefficiency and a wide range of actions. Peels cleanse the skin from the layer of dead skin cells, returning a smooth and fresh complexion, help fight comedones, get rid of peeling, align the skin surface, restore its elasticity and smooth wrinkles. This miracle procedure has only one drawback – it is best to do it in the winter, because, under the influence of active sunlight on the skin, injured by peeling, pigmentation may appear. It takes a whole month for new, young skin cells to build natural protection from the sun, so even in the winter after the peeling procedure, you should not go outside without sunscreen.

To remove hair, they must first grow-and when to do it, if not in the winter? Therefore, such procedures as laser hair removal or photo epilation, it is better to resort to it in the cold season. In addition, during a series of procedures, the skin is better protected from sunlight. The desired effect of these procedures comes in at least ten weeks and grow hairs between treatments will have as much as half a centimeter-in winter it will be much easier to hide the grown hairs under tight tights, and in the spring you can safely boast of smooth skin legs.

Skin whitening
If you want to get rid of freckles or age spots, winter is the best time for a facial whitening procedure. Cool air will help the skin to adapt more quickly after the procedure – it is a cleansing of dead cells of the epidermis and application to the skin of the drug, which promotes the excretion of melanin, as well as suppresses its production, as a rule, it is sparing acids – lactic, citric, glycolic. Sunbathing after such a procedure can lead to aggravation of pigmentation.

Permamentnaya makeup
If you decide on permanent makeup or, as it is called, tattooing, it is now – the best time for this procedure. In winter, you do not have to sit at home after the procedure or hide your face from the sun, in addition, in the cold season the risk of bringing bacteria is much lower.

Removal of moles
From moles, as well as papillomas and warts, it is best to get rid of in the cold season – under the influence of frosty air vessels are narrowed, which means that you will be able to avoid pronounced redness after the procedure and treated with laser or liquid nitrogen areas of the skin will recover much faster. In addition, closed winter clothing will allow you not to complex because of crusts and pigmentation on the treated areas of the skin – the crust will disappear in about a week, and the disappearance of age spots will have to wait about a month.

Catch up to spring
When winter finally recedes, like butterflies from their pupae, we will begin to get out of the warm cocoons of layered clothing, exposing their pale faces to the first rays of the sun. As if waking up after a long hibernation, look at yourself with different eyes, and what will appear to the eye, can be extremely disappointing. On the sides are visible the effects of winter feasts, the skin after a long cold look tired and dull, and hair – lifeless and devoid of Shine. Moreover, it can be difficult for the body to switch to the “spring mode”, and while we Wake up and” swing”, we are surprised to find that spring is already in full swing, and we have not lost weight, have not taken care of a new wardrobe, have not implemented our plans.

And all this in the spring, when you want to bloom with nature, enjoy your reflection in the mirror trying on bright, spring new things, catch men’s looks and take compliments. Everything is in our hands! We offer to immediately make a plan of action in the shortest possible time to transform externally and internally and meet the spring fully prepared.

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