Golf Evop

Golf Evop

The Italians decided not to invent another Bicycle, they treat viral diseases with a traditional dish-pizza! A striking fact confirmed at the University of Dusseldorf: it turns out that the cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and herbs, which are part of the filling, contain a unique set of micro – and macroelements that increase resistance to colds and flu.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries
The French literally “wash out” the disease from the body: with viral infections, they drink large amounts of mineral water and hot water with lemon juice and sugar.

The Germans have such a thing as a” cold diet”: ill, they exclude difficult to digest food from the diet and switch to dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. You get rid of the virus with onion syrup. The product is saturated with phytoncides, which increase the body’s defenses.

A medium-sized onion should be finely chopped, sprinkled with sugar and set aside for a few hours in a dark place. When the juice appears, you need to squeeze the onion and drain the resulting liquid. Take the syrup for one day: 3-5 times a teaspoon after meals.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries

The Slavs should definitely like cold medicine the English use. They heat fresh dark beer (2 bottles), add 3-4 cloves, a pinch of cinnamon, 3 egg yolks, a little lemon zest and 2-5 tablespoons of sugar. Drink whipped to foam and cook until thick, but do not boil!

Drink “medicine” need several times a day-it causes profuse sweating, and with then, as you know, goes cold. Something similar is taken in viral diseases and in Greece.

“Hippocratic drink” is brewed on the basis of red wine: 2 slices of orange (or lemon), a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and 2 sticks of cloves are added to the drug. Take the medicine should be at night.

Israeli Jews with the flu drink hot chicken broth and inhale the steam. The broth contains an amino acid (cysteine), which reduces the secretion of mucus, relieves swelling of the mucous membrane and congestion of the paranasal sinuses.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries
In Finland, any health problems are solved in the bath with a Cup of sweatshop tea: currants, raspberries, cranberries, and cranberries are added to the drink. Anti-cold medicine is made by mixing Valerian root, eucalyptus leaf, rose hips corn stigmas, mint, oregano, and mother-and-stepmother. 2 teaspoons of the collection brewed into a glass of boiling water and drink several times a day.

Steam inhalations with chamomile are popular in Switzerland. With anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile is especially useful for colds, bronchitis, and tracheitis.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries

With colds in Denmark are fighting with the help of rose hips. It is mashed, which is the absolute champion in the content of ascorbic acid.

Eastern tradition
The Japanese drink 10 cups of hot green tea a day and are absolutely healthy — this drink contains catechins, which have antiviral activity.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries
In Tibet, once every five years, lamas prepare garlic-alcohol tincture according to an ancient recipe. Take it according to a special recipe, namely — with milk.

The Chinese practically do not resort to any kind of medicine-they treat colds with acupressure.

Immunostimulating ginger tea is brewed in India. Ginger root contains 10 antiviral components that prevent the penetration of infection into the body. In warm water put chopped spices: black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Then bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes on low heat. At the end add a pinch of black tea, a spoon of honey and a little milk. Warning: pregnant ginger is contraindicated.
Traditional medicine how to treat a cold in different countries
Like the Israelis, the Koreans use chicken soup in the fight against viral diseases. Zinc, which is found in chicken broth, promotes the formation of phagocytes. These cells of the immune system destroy microbes and accelerate the healing process

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